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NMVTIS - What is this?

The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) is a federal database that provides consumers with important information about a vehicle's history and title status. This system was created to help combat fraud, protect consumers from unsafe vehicles, and reduce the number of stolen vehicles on the road.

NMVTIS is a unique database in that it brings together information from various sources, including state motor vehicle departments, insurance companies, salvage yards, and other industry participants. It provides information on a vehicle's title status, odometer readings, and any brand history, such as whether the vehicle has been deemed a "salvage" vehicle or has been in a flood or fire.

Consumers can access NMVTIS through approved data providers, such as AutoCheck or Carfax. By providing a vehicle identification number (VIN), consumers can obtain a detailed report on the vehicle's history, including any accidents or damage, as well as any outstanding liens or stolen vehicle reports.

This information is important for consumers because it can help them make an informed decision when purchasing a used vehicle. It can also help prevent fraud and protect consumers from purchasing a vehicle with a questionable history, such as one that has been in a major accident or has been deemed a "salvage" vehicle.

It's important to note that not all states are required to report data to NMVTIS, so some information may be missing. Additionally, not all the data providers have the same level of access to the information in the database. Therefore, it's recommended that when purchasing a used vehicle to obtain a report from multiple data providers to have a more complete understanding of the vehicle's history.

In addition to protecting consumers, NMVTIS also helps law enforcement agencies by providing them with information to track down stolen vehicles and prosecute criminals involved in title fraud.

In conclusion, NMVTIS is an important tool for consumers to protect themselves from fraud and unsafe vehicles, as well as for law enforcement agencies to fight against vehicle theft and fraud. By obtaining a report from NMVTIS, consumers can make an informed decision when purchasing a used vehicle and protect themselves from potential problems down the road.

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