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New York Services

While Maggard works with many states, we are proud to be recognized as a

New York DMV Direct Link Partner. 

Our partnership enables the Maggard team to clear sales tax, print registrations and issue plates

directly from our secure facility via our in office DMV terminals.


This separates our team from private service companies who may rely on DMV offices

and runners to process their transactions. 

So, when looking for a trusted provider to handle your New York transactions,

feel confident in choosing Maggard Information Associates.


Fast Service. Reliable Results.

  • Plates & registrations turned-around in 2 days

  • NY Duplicate Titles issued same day we process your application

  • Guaranteed lien recordings

Need a New York Duplicate Title ASAP?

Use Maggard's NY DT App to generate your paperwork quickly & for free!

Notice: This transaction or service is also available, at no additional charge,

directly from the official Department of Motor Vehicles Website at www.DMV.NY.Gov

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