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To apply for registration and new plates please follow the numbered steps below.  Print each completed form for submission.

  1. Vehicle Registration Application

    Please click on the link below and complete Form MV-82 NYS DMV Vehicle Registration/Title Application. After the form is completed, print the form and return to this page for further instructions.


  2. Sales Tax Clearance

    Sales Tax must be paid or clearance must be obtained prior to registering a vehicle in New York State. You are required to submit only one of the three forms below. Please populate the form below that is suitable for your situation. Print the form and hit the back button on your browser to return to this page for further instruction.

    If no Sales Tax has been collected and the tax must be paid or the vehicle is a gift, a DTF 802 (Statement of Transaction - Sale or Gift of Motor Vehicle) must be completed. Please click on the link below, print this form and complete it by hand. Note: If the vehicle is received as a gift, the seller must complete the back of this form.


    If sales tax has already been paid or the owner is exempt for any reason, the DTF 803 (Sales Tax Exemption Form) must be completed. Please click on the link below, print this form and complete it by hand.


    If partial sales tax was paid in a state other than New York and the owner owes additional tax to New York, the DTF 804 (Credit to Sales Tax Paid to Another State) must be completed. The DMV will request the bill of sale from the seller to indicate the exact percent sales tax collected in that state and an affidavit indicating the collected amount. Please click on the link below, print this form and complete it by hand.


  3. Recording a Lien

    To record a lien on the title, the borrower and lender must complete a MV900 (Notice of a Lien). This form is not required if there is not a lien on the vehicle. The link below enables the user to complete the form online and print it. After the form is completed, print the form and hit the back button on your browser to return to this page for further instructions.


  4. Odometer Disclosure Statement

    An Odometer Disclosure Statement is required for all vehicles 10 years old or newer. The Odometer Disclosure Statement can be obtained in the state the vehicle was purchased in. If the back of the title does not contain an odometer disclosure section please contact our New York office for instructions at 1-888-DMV-PROS.

  5. Title or Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin
    • You must submit an original title or original certificate of origin.
    • Both the seller and purchaser must sign the back of the title. When transferring a new vehicle, the selling dealer must complete the back of the Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin.
    • If the title is held by an out of state lien holder, one of the following is required: (1) a copy of the current title certified by the lien holder or the out of state motor vehicle agency or (2) a Memorandum of Title and letter from the lien holder allowing the vehicle to be registered in New York.
    • If the title is held by an out of state leasing company, a copy of the out of state title (in the leasing company's name) and letter from the leasing company allowing the vehicle to be registered in New York is required.

    If the vehicle is used, you need a title (1973 or newer) or Transferable Registration (Prior to 1973)

  6. Proof of Insurance Coverage

    Send a New York State Insurance Identification Card (FS20) with scanable bar code. The name of the policy holder must match the registrant’s identification exactly. The policy must be in effect on the day the vehicle is registered or within 45 days from the effective date. If new plates are being issued, the insurance card cannot read “Replacement Vehicle”. Note: the MV-82 must include the prior plate number if the vehicle plate is being transferred.

  7. Copy of Invoice / Bill of Sale

    The Department of Motor Vehicles requires a copy of the invoice or bill of sale from the selling dealer to verify the purchase price and calculate sales tax. Note: New York assesses a tax on rebates and warranties. Credit is allowed on trade-ins.

  8. Proof of Identity/Corporation

    You must submit proof of identity to obtain a registration for an individual. Send a copy of the registrant’s New York State Driver’s License (6 Points) or click on the link below to see other acceptable Proof of Identity (6 Points is Required).

    Proof of corporation is required if the registrant is not an individual. A certified copy of a Certificate of Incorporation, prior registration, or Title reflecting the name as it will appear on the registration is required.

    Proof of Identity

  9. Calculate the Registration Fee

    In order to calculate the registration fees, please click the link below:


  10. Payment and Mailing Information

    After you have reviewed your paperwork, please make a check payable to the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles for sales tax due. Also send a check payable to Maggard Information Associates in the amount of $125.00 (add $26.00 for electric vehicles or vehicles that have six or more cylinders) for registration fee, plate fee, title fee, vehicle use tax and the Maggard service fee. The cost stated above is an approximate charge, you will be billed for fees in excess of $125.00 and refunded for costs less than $125.00. The above fees pertain to passenger vehicles only. For all other vehicles, please contact our Albany office.

    Use this form to generate a cover sheet for your registration paperwork. Choose where the title will be mailed to and your method of payment.

    Payment/Mailing Information

  11. Send Your Paperwork for Processing Using The Checklist from step 10

Thank you for choosing Maggard Information Associates!